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Tattoo Time Lapse

Rose cover on a hand

Time lapse video of Troy Slater doing a rose cover up on a hand. The start of a whole load of cover ups for this young gentleman. Music by Carlisle Punk band, State Control.

Brian Bolland’s Joker from The Killing Joke

This is a time lapse video of a Joker tattoo I did today. The original artwork is by Brian Bolland from the Killing Joke graphic novel. This is part of a comic book fan leg sleeve and also features tattoos of Spider Jerusalem of the Transmetropolitan books, original art by Darick Robertson and Judge Dredd of 2000AD magazine, original art also by Brian Bolland. The soundtrack is by my band Whores of Khan and the track is called 1939.

Adding colour to Kara

Adding colour to Kara. Tattoo time lapse video by Troy Slater, tattoo artist. This was the final sitting on a 3 session, double shin, stag tattoo. The Dimensional Equinox Dark Mix. Original music by Troy Slater.