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I have played and performed as a musician since an early age and have been fortunate to have been involved with many varied projects.

I am currently the singer and guitarist in Rock/Metal band Whores of Khan, co-singer and guitarist in Metal band Trojan Dogs and co-writer/producer with Conny Pettersson on the Sonos Omnes project.

Although I have played gigs all over the UK, these past couple of years have been focussed on writing and recording material to the highest standard possible with a view to creating my own publishing business. These projects are currently close to completion and releases/gigs are being planned for the near future.

Follow the links for more info and teasers of each project. Stay tuned
Whores of Khan-brickyard


Trojan Dogs complete EP and video shoot

The minor issue of the North Sea separating the players hasn’t stopped Trojan Dogs creating their debut slice of heaviness.
The collaboration between Troy Slater in the UK and Conny Pettersson in Sweden has grown to include Mike Alexander and Rhys McCubbin, also in the UK.
Having completed their first EP, Conny flew to the UK to film videos for all 3 tracks. Release dates to follow

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