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I seek to question and challenge the established parameters of art and music.

My work covers a wide range of techniques, media and subject matters and my intention is to explore the complexities of life unhindered by classification. To be focussed only on one thing is to limit the potential of what could be achieved. Instead, I believe that anything that can be grasped, anything that inspires, becomes who you are and to that end, the whole is one.

The key is to be focussed on all that matters to you.
Each project I work on has its own philosophy, its own set of rules, and its own individual genesis of ideas.

Troy Slater is a multidisciplinary artist and musician based in the mighty city of Carlisle, where he also works as a tattoo artist at Blackfriars TattooHouse.

Now you’ve read the pretentious crap, here is what I really want to say...!

I was born to create. Now there is a statement that suggests that I believe in a divine plan, a higher purpose, some mystic force that predetermines our future. Fate.

To be honest, I do feel that there is a spirituality to what I do, nothing entrenched in religion, but some sense of purpose. Either that or I am simply addicted to these pursuits and those seeds were sewn early on in my existence. I cannot contemplate life without art, art without life. A world without art or music, to me, is a world without life. It's a need, a compulsion, the driving force, the love, the passion.

So, whether the Dalai Lama or Richard Dawkins is right, I don’t feel that I have a choice. I was born to create.”